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Journey inside a prehistoric world of danger and beauty as series author Matthew Thayer chronicles the adventures of shipwrecked time travelers who must go native to survive.


Time travelers from the dried-out, over-populated year 2233 are shipwrecked on a European continent that is a sea of green, a sensory overload of natural beauty. Home to huge herds of bison, antelope, deer, outsized Mega-fauna and forests without end, it is a land unspoiled.

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Leaving a trail of carnage as he preaches his warped brand of religion to a growing Cro-Magnon army, empire builder Lorenzo Martinelli takes his campaign into the boot of pre-historic Italy. The madman’s modern shipmates face many challenges as they attempt to stop him before he disrupts the future of mankind.

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Living with Neanderthal, surviving blizzard and shark attack, time travelers shipwrecked in the Pleistocene take two very different journeys north to the land of ice and snow. In Gibraltar, the third installment of the 30,000 B.C. Chronicles, the scientific explorers search for evidence of a rescue mission sent back to save them.


Time travelers join their native clan mates on a brutal crossing of the northern ice shelf in search of would-be rescuers. From the Cliffs of Dover to the coast of Stone Age Ireland, they compare the bounty of the prehistoric land against memories of the scorched Earth they left behind. Their trip is turned upside down by the arrival of the Hunter.

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Ranging from the Paleolithic to Nero's Empire and on to the drought-ravaged, war-torn 2200s, Rome is an epic continuation of the 30,000 B.C. Chronicles book series. Shipwrecked time explorers know their comfortable habitation of Stone Age Italy nears an end when Hunter returns from a long journey sowing seeds of change.

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What readers are saying:

"Slip into a character & feel the experience!"
"Award-winning Matthew Thayer has written a book that goes far beyond science fiction. The 30,000 B.C. Chronicles combines the best aspects of Swiss Family Robinson and Star Trek "
- Ronald Youngblood Hawaii Public Radio correspondent
"Matthew Thayer's imagination is as sharp, sweeping and powerful as the cameras that have made him an award-winning photojournalist. In the 30,000 B.C. Chronicles, he creates a unique world in fascinating detail, where ancient and modern worlds collide in one thrilling adventure after another."
-Rick Chatenever
"I was excited, fascinated and taken by his thrilling and rich story - I couldn't put it down until I finished this outstanding book. As a European social scientist and also a well-traveled anthropological geograph, I was amazed by the absolute perfect research of the European / Mediterranean area at that time. What also impresses me deeply are the different and complex characters of the people: it's a very precise and vital analysis of the modern time travelers as well as our ancient ancestors. The story is written with empathy for human beings and with an example of honest ethical values, which are timeless. Therefore, I think his book is quite actual even though the story takes place 32,000 years ago."
-Hans Zink
"It should come with a warning label . . . there is a risk of a sleepless night totally immersed in Matthew Thayer’s engaging story."
-Dr. William Bloedon

The author

Matthew Thayer has won more than 75 awards for his writing and photography. He lives and works on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

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I am currently self publishing 30000BC Chronicles and I am available for media interviews, book signings and lectures.

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